Air-Traffic control for your Construction Projects
Streamlined workflow and stakeholder management for prefab and modular developers.
Maximize your productivity and reduce your costs
Modern tools specifically built for Prefab & Modular Construction
Stop missing critical milestones due to coordination errors and start using Etherzen's platform to ensure that your team is always on the same page
Seamless Collaboration
Our interactive document and drawing management platform allows your team to collaborate in real time on the most up to date information
Clear Deadlines
Our real-time, shared scheduling feature ensures that the full project team is always aware of the critical path
Templated workflows
Stop recreating the wheel on every project. Create your own templated workflows to institutionalize your best practices
True Accountability
Link tasks directly to schedule milestones and project documents, creating transparent workflows
Project Management
End to end, Intelligent Project Management
Etherzen's Control tower alerts and exception planning help you
focus on aspects of the project that need attention
  • Manage Project's status from Bidding to Shipping in one place
  • Stay on top of Project costs, preempt any time or labor cost overruns
  • Keep the entire org on the same page, with granular access levels
Schedule Management
Missed deadlines kill deals
Etherzen's real-time, collaborative scheduling platform enables builders
to effortlessly coordinate schedules across all team members
  • Build, edit, and maintain your schedule with ease
  • Add milestones to your project stages for granular control
  • Share your project schedule with stakeholders in a single click
Task Management
Next Level Accountability
Assign, track and prioritize tasks with centralized task management
tied directly to project documents and deadlines.
  • Create and assign tasks to your team
  • Operators can update tasks on the go
  • Tasks Tied directly with documents and progress photos